How To Make And Keep Big Money From The Coming Gold And Silver Shock-Wave

You may think you've missed the biggest leg up in precious metals and miners. But you would be wrong.

Second Chance May Very Well Be The Most Important Book You'll Ever Read. If You're Thinking That The Precious Metals Have Already Made Their Run, You're Going To Miss The BIGGEST MOVE In History...

What Would You Do... If You Had A Second Chance?

Did you miss the gold and silver spike runs to $1900 and to $50 in 2011? Did you get in near the top and ride them all the way down into the December 2015 lows? Or perhaps you didn’t buy at all, and by late 2016, while the most explosive precious metals and mining stock run-up in decades was taking place, you watched. You may think you’ve missed the boat. You may think you missed your second chance. But you would be wrong.

David Morgan’s research has shown decisively that as much as “90% of the profit potential for the metals and miners become available during the last 10% of the entire bull run.” But only if you avoid what he calls “the amateur’s mindset.”

Second Chance: How to Make and Keep Big Money from the Coming Gold and Silver Shock Wave empowers you to step onto the investment battlefield and leave it a winner. Many people will make fortunes during the coming years. On paper. But, when all is said and done, as the great speculator Jesse Livermore declared, “On paper it will remain.”

Times like these try the souls of speculators... and lay the foundation for great wealth, for those with the courage to act and endure. -Louis James

Would you like to learn how to...

Successfully trade the precious metals' bull run? Not only how to buy, hold and trade gold, silver and the mining stocks, but also how to keep as much of your earnings as possible?

Is it still possible to make money in Gold & Silver?

We've had two big legs up in silver, first to $22 in 2008; then to just under $50 in 2011, with gold exceeding $1,900. Now it looks like we're going to see the third and biggest upside move of all.

How high do you think Gold & Silver will go?

The answer is anyone's guess. But it doesn't matter. You can take a big chunk out of the middle, and your earnings results could end up being beyond spectacular. We'll show you how.

Are You In...
Or Are You Out?

We're going to be walking the talk and committing our own money - riding that gold & silver wave for all it's worth.

Would you care to join us?

Learn How To Make and Keep Big Money From The Coming Gold And Silver Shock-Wave.

Are You In A Position To Survive The Next Big Shock-Wave?...

Why Second Chance?

  • A "follow-on wave" more devastating than the financial tsunami which struck the global banking-business system in 2008 is on the way.
  • Supply-Demand metrics will drive gold, silver and mining stocks to all-time highs. Learn how to make and keep your winnings from the coming gold and silver shock-wave.
  • Boomers and Millennials. Beginners to expert investors. You can either ride these waves or be crushed by them! The choice is yours.

Are You Prepared? There Is A Second Chance As

The Gold & Silver Shock-Wave Is Coming...

It may seem that precious metals have seen better days. Buying into the metals is never easy. Especially when selloffs snowball to major levels, there’s always a chance they will cascade even lower. So it’s very challenging psychologically to fight the thundering herd and buy when everyone else is selling. It feels terrible buying into capitulation selloffs, almost nauseating. The only way to build the fortitude necessary to do it is to stay exceptionally informed, which helps frame selloffs in context.

Even after you've done the research and decided to participate, buying into price weakness against the herd and contrary to your emotions is not an easy thing to do. But time and again, some of the world's most successful investors have done just that. You might want to consider joining their ranks.

After all, they may just know something you don't!

Are You Ready To Protect Your Wealth & Take Advantage Of Your Second Chance?

Let Me Show You How It Is Still Possible To Make Huge Profits And Protect Your Wealth With Precious Metals.

About The Authors...

David Smith

David H. Smith is Senior Analyst for The Morgan Report. He speaks at conferences and writes about mining and exploration properties - often video logging them for Premium Website Members at He has placed boots on the ground at mining projects in Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Mexico, China, Canada and the U.S. His involvement in trading and investing in the metals and mining markets dates back to 1974.

David has been a serious student of the martial arts (first judo, then karate) since 1970. He is a life-time student of world events, with emphasis on Sino-Japanese and 20th century European history. He is a (published) past member of several law enforcement organizations and journals. He is an avid fly fisher, especially for rainbows and sea trout in Argentina. He has raised two Millennials - a daughter, who has been awarded a Ph.D; and a son, who is working on a Master of Science Degree in Biology (viral genomics). As a life-long learner, David Smith fully subscribes to the Latin phrase Qui Docet, Discet "those who teach, learn".

David Morgan

David Morgan, is Editor of The Morgan Report: Building and Preserving Wealth. He is a favorite speaker at conferences in North America, Europe and Asia, and is actively sought by financial talk shows across the globe. David is a scuba diver, pilot, and x-triathlete. He has raised two Millennial Daughters - the oldest of which was recently married. Both are successfully making their own way in the world.

As a life-long learner in a variety of fields, he is currently involved in Tango Dancing and the study of Tai Chi. His free time is frequently spent watching documentaries and reading. One of David Morgan's principle drivers in life is to "give back" to others in meaningful ways. Sign up now for his free weekly eLetter at

Silver has a very high potential of again multiplying wealth fabulously in the coming years. Mean reversions are one of the most powerful forces in all the markets. The more extreme the deviation from the mean, the bigger the subsequent reversion in the opposite direction to restore normalcy to the relationship. Silver’s upside is vast given its recent extreme lows. - Adam Hamilton

Are You Ready To Protect Your Wealth & Take 

Advantage Of Your Second Chance? 

Let Me Show You How It Is Still Possible To Make Huge Profits And Protect Your Wealth With Precious Metals.

What People Are Saying...

It's an amazing but true fact: many, if not most, investors lose money in bull markets. But following the simple yet powerful "Sacrifice Throw Portfolio" outlined by David H. Smith and David Morgan, gold and silver investors will likely be able to add a zero to their net worth by the time the next bull market is over.

Jeff Clark

Senior Precious Metals Analyst,

America, if measured by the ideals of its birth, has failed miserably. The US Constitution is but another reminder that written words are not protection against future transgressions, and that the lessons of one generation cannot be passed on to the next, and that the desire for power and to dominate others is very much alive all over the world, even in freedom's birthplace. In just a little over 100 years our leaders have destroyed our fiat money system. Believe me when I say... precious metals have yet to see their day. Second Chance sets you up succeed in the coming precious metals boom. You don't want to be sitting on the side lines when it hits.

Bruce Ross

Founder / Ameirca's Great Awakening

Second Chance builds a case in the strongest terms, that gold and silver offer the double advantage of being both insurance against financial ruin, with the strongest likelihood of great profit during an uncertain future. The authors explain why it's not too late to get aboard this global bull run. Quite simply, precious metals are real money that can help preserve the wealth you already have against instability created by the government's misguided monetary experiments. It may be one of the wisest steps you'll ever take. This strategy can provide rock-solid security for your wealth, along with the chance to make healthy profits. For years, readers and conference attendees have been taking advantage of the authors' insights and expertise. Now this book brings it all together in one place.

Professor Bradley Steiner

Shinan, Jen Do Tao

This new book is destined to become a best seller! It is a must read, and a read again book, full of the information critical to helping us along our journey toward being financially successful in our lives. Read this book now! It's time to set the hook on the big one!

Jim Teeny

Jim Teeny, Inc.

Discover how to Make and Keep Big Money from the Coming Gold and Silver Shock-Wave

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